Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Minute AT Gift Ideas

by Rachel Anderson, Program Coordinator for the AT Network

There are still a few more shopping days left and there are  some good sales going on right now - so it is a great time to purchase some useful AT devices.  Here are some last minute gift ideas for everyone on your list. For more details on the item and to find out how to order, click on the links below.  Happy Shopping!

1. Large Print Keyboards - $17.95
2. iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot - $399.99

3. LeapPad2 &Tag Learn to Read Bundle - $169.96
4. LEVO Lapdesk for books, laptops, eBooks, iPads - $39.99

5. Digital Talking Alarm Clock- $20.99
6. Turbo Ear - $20.59
7. Sonic Blink: Receiver with Strobe Alert - $42.95
8.iPad Mini - starting at $329
9. On/Off Plate Switch - $47.95
10. Walker Caddy - $23.95
11. Large Universal Remote - $39.95
12. Bilingual Piano Puppy - $84.95

Indata and Easter Seals also put together a different great list of AT Holiday Gift Ideas. Click here to view even more AT Holiday Gift items.

Do you have an AT wishlist?  What is on your list this year? Let us know by entering it in the comment section below.  Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zebreda Makes It Work!

by Rosemarie Punzalan, AT Network Training Specialist

Zebreda Dunham and Martin Sweeney recently presented at the AT Network's Southern California Quarterly Regional Meeting on November 20, 2012 at the California Endowment  in Los Angeles, CA.  To the delight of all of the individuals interested in AT at this meeting, they explored the low-tech, low-cost, down-and-dirty DIY world of assistive technology.   

Born in Maryland and now a resident of Pasadena, Dunham is a young woman constantly adapting and modifying the world around her. From a gate opener to smartphone remote, from an umbrella holder to a power soccer guard, from adapted scissors to a joystick helper, Zebreda shared her philosophy about accessibility as well as demonstrated some of the products she has created, adapted and/or modified.

Zebreda Makes It Work! is a series of videos and experiences that highlights a frame of mind about assistive technology and how to imagine, create, adapt and troubleshoot your world and overcome whatever obstacles you might encounter.  Below are some of the innovative videos Zebreda shared:

Door Stopper

Door Alarm

Key Turner

Gate Opener

As Dunham notes, “We need each other to survive in this world. I feel that just because you might be labeled as having a disability, you don’t have to disable yourself. Many times those doing the labeling are unaware of the true intelligence and abilities of the individual and more than likely they are the ignorant ones. You are as disabled as you make yourself. I don’t consider myself as being disabled—I consider myself as differently-abled.”

Sweeney was director of the AT Network (2006-09), founding director of the Assistive Technology Project at the Lanterman Regional Center (1998-2006), training consultant for the Center for Accessible Technology (2010-11) and is now a development adviser for the India America Assistive Technology Exchange in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Does Assistive Technology (AT) play a role in your life?

Have you created, adapted, and modified a product to make your life easier?

Want to show off the AT you use or the AT you have created?  Check out the AT Network's video contest on how to enter and you could win $400!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

AT at the Movies!

by Kirk Aranda, Youth Organizing! Disabled and Proud Youth Advocate

Are you deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision? Have you ever gone to the movies and requested accommodations and been told by the employees at the theatre that they did not have any options or had very limited options?

Well, Regal Entertainment Group has taken notice and is making great strides in making movie-going accessible for all with the Sony Entertainment Access System. This system includes revolutionary glasses that assists moviegoers who are deaf, hard of hearing, have low vision or are blind.

These lightweight glasses will allow moviegoers to experience the movies without any inconvenience to those around them.  They are designed for the viewer to privately view closed captioned text directly in their line of vision -that is not visible or audible to other moviegoers- for both 2D and 3D movies.  The glasses also have headphones or neck loops which are both connected to a wireless receiver.  This is for those who have low vision or are blind to hear descriptive audio tracks directly through their headphones.

This cutting edge technology is available in 200 theaters nationwide currently and should be available at the guest services counter at all digital Regal Theaters by April 2013.  Check to see if they are available at the theatre nearest you!  Also, if you have tried these glasses or the headphones, let us know what you think of them!  Enter a comment in the section below.